step by step (not the TV series)

Posted in art, design, progression on 10/10/2012 by g00ba

Have had this one sitting on the hard-drive for awhile now. I’ve been working on integrating more text into my graphics. Step one, scribble some things on a scrap piece of paper.

Scanned into the ol’ Photoshop and completely redid/cleaned up the text. Lately I’ve been getting into the habit of quickly writing things without lifting the pen off the paper, so I ran with that. Also fixed the cheekbone, nose and ear. Never really looked at an ear for reference before, which is kind of weird considering (A.) how old I am, and (B.) how may ears I have probably drawn in that period of time.

Then next, popped over to Illustrator to trace my lines with the pen tool, and flip the fill around. Now you’ve got your original lines, but so much sharper than before, though I guess it’s kind of hard to tell without looking at a larger version of the file.

Then lastly, jumped back over to Photoshop one more time and applied a little gradient for shiz and giggles. Calling it done! Click this last one to open a larger version if you so please.

Might as well throw in a few miscellanious things from work while I’m at it. Sharpie, pencils and crayons on the backs of meal tickets. Shazaam!


graffiti plus odds & ends

Posted in art, graffiti on 09/05/2012 by g00ba

A couple of old before and after graffiti collaborations with APE, from the past couple months. Both were started on scrap paper and finished using a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator. First one started at work, second one started after APE took home a seacost spotlight award. Good times!

More to come!

summer madness

Posted in design, hiphop with tags on 08/29/2012 by g00ba

I recently had the chance to do a mix-tape layout for DC the Midi, far and away the best underground hip-hop producer in New England. I’d list the type of MC’s he has collaborated with over the past decade, but it’s pretty much everybody worth a damn on the east coast and beyond. Check out his discography yourself, over at his website. Def an honor to provide artwork for a member of the East Coast Avengers.

Download it right HERE. Don’t be stupid.

I cut out all the elements, minus the text, in construction paper with a exacto knife. There is only gonna be about 100 physical disc copies pressed up, so good luck getting one of those!!!

tattooz for PPL

Posted in art, crap, tattoo with tags on 08/27/2012 by g00ba

A couple people I know asked me for help with tattoo designs, so look at them already! All designs were scanned in as sketches, fixed in Photoshop, vectorized in Illustrator, and then brought back into PS for maximum colorization.

Also a birthday card for someone at work that is simultaneously obsessed with both Betty Boop, and feces. A match made in heaven? Link below in thumbnail form, for people who don’t want to have an up-close look at explosive diarrhea. For the rest of us, click for a bigger version.

Not entirely sure what I’m supposed to do with this piece now, since it’s really kind of a “one time use” deal. Guess I’ll just have to file it away in my portfolio of cartoon characters from the 1930’s shitting themselves.

commander video reporting for duty

Posted in art, progression, videogame with tags on 05/23/2012 by g00ba

Gaijin is a cool company that makes cool games. I owned all their stuff as downloadable games, and I recently got the compilation that released for 3DS. Their games are always simple in concept, but with solid gameplay, trippy visuals and great music. Runner has always been in the forefront for my favorite of the six within the collection, and it was neat to see Runner 2 at PAX East, but I didn’t get time to play it do to the sheer craziness of the event.

I had an entry idea for a contest they were running back when Bit Trip Saga first came out, but I just couldn’t get it together to finish it up in time. I just kept plugging away at it little by little, and I think I’m finally am done with it. I wanted to integrate the titles for all six games of the Bit Trip series, so that they formed a running Commander Video, who is the main character and sort of mascot for the company.

Click the thumbnail to the left for a larger version of the final, or click below for a walk-through from start to finish.

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skulls n’ swears

Posted in art, graffiti on 05/18/2012 by g00ba

I drew the above skull awhile ago at work, and it made me want to draw more stuff like it. Now I draw skulls n’ swears on my schedules every time the new one goes up. I’ll keep doing it, as long as I can keep thinking of good curse words. If you see me at work and you have a really good one make sure you yell it at me extremely loud.

More doodles on work related papers…

This is what happens when someone puts a drawing into their purse and spills Listerine all over it. Neato!

These ones are collaborations started at work with help from Ape, and then finished at home with Photoshop trickery.

Things that are random…

Adventure Time, great show or greatest show? Don’t be stupid, you know the answer.

I posted these before, but I tinkered with them a bit more to the point where I can say that I’m now finished with them. All done!

I made these ones for different people I know quite some time ago. Some of them got them, and some of them didn’t…

I should also mention that I’ve got this really cool traveling art book at my house, with a bunch of incredible work from artists all over the place. I have seriously dilly dallied with it, held onto it for way too long, and I must apologize to all the people that have been waiting for my ass to hurry up and send it off so that it may continue its journey. Proof that I am actually working on it, almost done!

I’ve got a few more things to show, but since this is already getting way too long as it is, I’ll save it for next time. Adios.