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hudson river bomb

Posted in design, shirts, videogame with tags , on 04/19/2013 by g00ba

There’s a Threadless contest going on for best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle design. I used the frustrating underwater section of the first NES TMNT game as seen below, for inspiration.


Took like 5 hours, but only uses 4 colors because the green background is the color of the shirt!




Whoa, rough sketch was rough!


Design will cover entire front of shirt for maximum tackiness.

tmnt shirt


T shirty Christmas

Posted in art, shirts with tags on 12/30/2008 by g00ba

Being the poor sap that I am, I mostly made t-shirt gifts for my family this year. With the help of my nephew and a whole lotta freezer paper, we churned out quite a few articles of clothing. We just ironed on the freezer paper for stencil and painted on a few layers with brushes. I’d never done it before, but I think they came out okay. Here’s some, but not all of them, cause a few got wrapped before I could snap a pic!

For Ethan and Mike, who are great baseballers…

For Mike the Beatles fan…

For Adrianna, who loves things that are sharp…

For my new roomates who are rad…

For my pops the artist and musician…

And my uncle who is a old-school movie buff…

We also made some aprons and tote bags but alas, no one thought to take pictures of those…

In other news, my submission to Threadless has been accepted and it is going to be up for voting the next 7 days. If you get a moment, head over and give it a score. It wont go to print if you don’t, and also a bunch of fairies will die and stuff.