how to draw gross goat heads

Terrorists have waged war on satirists and cartoonists! This simply won’t stand. Freedom to draw and write whatever you want is easily taken for granted, so with that in mind, let’s all draw something strange. Here’s a quick and dirty breakdown of how to draw a decapitated goat head. The images below are compressed, so click them to see a better resolution, since this is the type of thing you obviously want to see up close.

Step one, find a good reference, because chances are, you don’t instantly know how to draw everything in the world, from every angle. GIS is your friend. Grab a crappy, low res image and drop it into a 600 DPI photoshop document. Unless you are a master of drawing goats, then you can skip this step.


For the next step I begin to trace the photo-reference, altering the lines as I go. Some things work, like the shape of the face and neck. Other things don’t work, like the ears. Keep what works, and change what doesn’t. Also I added in the text I am going to combine with the graphic. Note that everything looks really poorly conceived at this stage, as it usually does.


For the next step, I refined a few things, and also fixed up the text a lot. The general shape of the letters is all there, and just needs some details added here and there. Gave the goat an earring, and then exaggerated some of the features that needed to be accentuated. The eye and the mouth both get changed a lot compared to where we started with the reference.


The foundation for the growdy goat head are laid. I added some details all over, and threw in some shadow areas, even though I don’t really ever know what I’m doing when it comes to light-source. Tried to make the text look like it was coming to life and turning into genitals, because I don’t know.


The last step is all buckling down and refining the lines, adding detail, and making everything blend and work together between the type and the graphic. When you’re doing text with an image, it should look like a harmonious piece, not a picture with words next to it. Look at the type as a graphic, and vice versa. Put a razorblade in the goats mouth and added some weird stuff like a snake, an apple, spermies, and a fly.


RIP to all the french cartoonists that were slain in the cowardly attacks yesterday. Everybody keep drawing whatever you want, or the terrorists have truly won.

Below is the final high-res version! There’s a lot of weird stuff hidden within this drawing so break out the ol’ magnifying glass. You can print this one out and put it on your fridge, or in your dining room! I hear goats are also incredibly soothing to children so perhaps hang it in your newborns nursery.


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