commander video reporting for duty

Gaijin is a cool company that makes cool games. I owned all their stuff as downloadable games, and I recently got the compilation that released for 3DS. Their games are always simple in concept, but with solid gameplay, trippy visuals and great music. Runner has always been in the forefront for my favorite of the six within the collection, and it was neat to see Runner 2 at PAX East, but I didn’t get time to play it do to the sheer craziness of the event.

I had an entry idea for a contest they were running back when Bit Trip Saga first came out, but I just couldn’t get it together to finish it up in time. I just kept plugging away at it little by little, and I think I’m finally am done with it. I wanted to integrate the titles for all six games of the Bit Trip series, so that they formed a running Commander Video, who is the main character and sort of mascot for the company.

Click the thumbnail to the left for a larger version of the final, or click below for a walk-through from start to finish.

First I put my idea to paper and I knew it didn’t look like much, but I had a pretty good idea of how the finished product would look. It would go through a lot of changes, but the foundation started here. I knew I wanted to remove the slight curve and make it more rigid. Also the limbs were too stubby and it didn’t look like the Captain was running with much intensity.

After I scanned it in, I dropped it into Photoshop, which made it really easy to get some straight lines without having to use a ruler. I hate using rulers. After finishing this first version in PS, I knew I was moving in the right direction.

Now that it’s looking more presentable, I start tweaking and refining things here and there that I think could be better. Getting all the letters to intertwine but also be seperate, readable titles was the goal.

Almost finished, fixed the last couple problem areas, I fixed the short arm and the backwards thumb. Felt pretty good about the inks, just had to add some color to finish it off. This shouldn’t take to long.

Dropped in some base colors, and was feeling pretty confident that I was almost done.

Fiddling around with my layers in Photoshop, I caught a glimpse of what it looked like without the lines. Hmmm it looks better this way. Decided to lose the lines.

The problem with losing the lines after I had pretty much finished the colors, was that now I had lots of gaps where the colors didn’t meet up because the black lines where covering up these spots. Crap, that means lots more work for me. After a lot of fine tuning, I proclaimed this finished.

And here’s a quick and dirty breakdown of the names of the six games that make up Commander Video. Can you see them now?

The wait for Runner 2 continues!

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