enter the wu-phabet (26 chambers)

I haven’t created an original font from the ground up in quite awhile, but I’ve had this idea rolling around in my brain for about a month. Of all the logos in the world, the Wu-Tang logo has to be one of the most distinctive and badass logos of all-time. Not just in rap music, but in everything, period. That bold W is just immediatly recognisable, and dammit, it just looks cool. So I wanted to make a whole alphabet built around that logo, and it took some effort, but here it is.

The project took a bit longer than I thought it would, but it was worth it. Now I can write out any word I want in little Wu-tangs. Like Wu-tang.

Or just any random word that pops into your head, like Fluffernutter.

Please do not use the Wu-phabet without either my, or Bobby Digital’s expressed consent. Continue reading for a peek at some of the stages it took to get this thing finished.

I originally had it all sketched out on another piece of paper, that I unfortunately stuck in my pocket and put through the wash. That was stupid. But I started over, and then from there it was just a matter of refining things in Photoshop, until I thought everything looked okay. Then I switched the alphabet over to Illustrator and gave it the good old vector treatment.

3 Responses to “enter the wu-phabet (26 chambers)”

  1. vasili Says:

    how do i use in word

  2. do you have this available for download?

  3. Sorry, each letter is just in vector form, so when I want to write something out, it needs to be manually placed. I don’t have it so that it can just be typed out like a regular font yet!

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