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The Field of Dismay

Posted in art, design, music, progression with tags , on 04/06/2011 by g00ba

The Attic Bits are bringing the chiptune scene to NH. If you don’t know what that means, then this interview and this article are probably more insightful than anything I could manage to type here. This is what they sound like. You should probably go and support them now.

I cranked out a poster for them a couple weeks ago, which I posted below. The poster is inspired by the narrative contained within the tracks of the new album. To the untrained ear, one could mistakenly believe the songs are just a buncha cool sounding beeps and boops, which I would not completely disagree with. Undoubtedly however, there is also an underlying story, and through the act of listening to it, you will inexplicably visualize an inner universe that is specific to each individual listener.

Also you can click here to see the initial rough sketch if you’d like. I can’t help but feel there was a certain strength to the original doodle that the cleaner version lacks, I hate when that happens. Lost in translation I guess.

Half a year since I posted anything in here, holy hell! I’m going to play catchup here soon and post some of the older stuff I’ve finished more recently, while hopefully also staying a bit more up to date with current projects. I’ve proven to be woefully inadequate at keeping this place updated, so we’ll just have to see how that goes. It is a spikepit after-all, so please don’t mind the cobwebs.