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wimps and posers – leave the hall

Posted in art, design, music, progression with tags on 04/26/2010 by g00ba

At my last job, I worked with a fellow named Chris Hayes, who happened to be a guitar player in a local metal band from Hampton NH. Since my musical taste occasionally dabbles into the metal genre, and I like to support good local acts, I made a poster to help promote their band Archaic Eclipse. There are a few tracks on their youtube channel here,  if extreme symphonic metal sounds like something you’d like to sample. And if that doesn’t sound like something up your alley, then to quote the mighty ManOWar, “If you’re not into metal, you are not my friend.

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weird things jumping over stuff

Posted in art on 04/19/2010 by g00ba

Finished these awhile ago, but never got around to actually posting em, so here they are. It’s a three part series. Where are they running to, and what are they running from? Nobody knows! They’re weird things jumping over stuff.

Public Service Announcement: Alpha 3 Championship Edition (turbo)

Posted in art, videogame with tags on 04/16/2010 by g00ba

Super Street Fighter 4 is coming. In the meantime don’t pull a Blanka and try to fish that poptart out of the toaster with your eating utensil. It will not end well.

Final Fantasy 13: a numerical comic

Posted in comic, videogame with tags on 04/14/2010 by g00ba

I still haven’t played the new Final Fantasy yet, but after seeing numerous previews of it, I felt compeled to make a quick comic about it. It’s a thumbnail so click it, duh!

My initial thoughts upon seeing what the battle system looked like was “this looks pretty confusing,” and “why are there numbers everywhere?” I think pretty much anything outside the realm of the original Dragon Warrior seems incomprehensible to me. Thank goodness for 3D Dot Heroes. Want.

5-2-10 EDIT: Well I gave FF13 a shot but yeah, this game is unfortunately not for me.

when worlds collide 2.0

Posted in art, videogame with tags , on 04/06/2010 by g00ba

Been a really long while since I posted anything over here, so hopefully I can remedy that soon. I do have a lot of things I’ve been working on, and even more in the process. Here’s a recent project just for the fun of it, two of my favorite games mashed together, three if you have eagle eyes.

Click image for slightly magnified viewing experience.

I took a few work in progress shots while I was working on this, so click below to see it go from concept to completion…

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