remember remember the 9th of september

This is not the greatest and best console in the world, no. This is just a tribute.


^click for bigger^

I am ashamed. I contributed to the untimely demise of the Sega Dreamcast by being a late adopter. Only a decade later, can I look back and see the errors of my ways. It may not be the greatest console, but it sure as hell is one damn fine piece of hardware. To go on in length, about the greatness of the Dreamcast would be a pointless endevour, as its all been said before. Possibly the greatest American launch lineup in history. Better than arcade ports. Blazed the trail for online gaming. VMU. The games, the sweet sweet games. We all know why it was great, and we all know why it failed.

I cooked up this fanart for the DC once I started to see all the articles and stories popping up on the net this month. To see the noisy little devil surface again for it’s anniversary has been a great excuse to jump back into all the games that were, and still are, extremely entertaining. It took me over a week to complete this, but I knew I had to do my part as well. I chose to use only games that I own, or have at least played, which is why you wont see many obscure or rare characters.

First lady or chap to list what 14 games are represented in the image, gets a desktop version in their choice of screen size. Don’t worry about being too specific about the game, if the character is in more than one, than the name of the franchise is good enough.

EDIT: Alright it’s been a few weeks, and nobody got em all, so consider the contest over!! Heres the 14 games for those who don’t know…

-Samba de Amigo
-Chu Chu Rocket
-Skies of Arcadia
-Jet Grind Radio
-Street Fighter
-House of the Dead
-Space Channel 5
-Sonic Adventure
-Sega Rally
-Crazy Taxi

4 Responses to “remember remember the 9th of september”

  1. nabunabu Says:

    so this is what i got, take it or leave it…

    samba de amigo
    earth bound
    house of the dead
    jet grind radio
    space channel 5
    sega rally

    cant for the life of me think of the others… maybe cuz my brain is fried right now…

  2. g00ba Says:

    Hey pretty good, you’re only missing 5, I think.

    Not sure where you got the Earthbound from, but well done regardless!

  3. nabunabu Says:

    the floating ship by the monkey… maybe i am remembering wrong… all i remember tho is the ship in the earth bound stage in super smash bros…

  4. g00ba Says:

    Well, the ship is from a great RPG, but it’s not Earthbound.

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