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interesting things of interest

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Been surfin around and I thought I’d post some of the things I’ve come across. Here’s a great music video, great song. I really like the LooneyToon aesthetics mixed with the more modern toy culture. Worth a look!

Go here for a look at the opening cinematic for the new Beatles Rock Band game. Harmonix really nailed the visual style needed to be faithful to the source material. Even though it’s just the opening movie, it really shows the effort they put forth to please the fans. There’s also some great footage of in game visuals here as well. I really like how the bands appearance is different as they progress throughout their virtual careers. The last music game I bought was Guitar Hero 2, and that was about three years ago! Once Harmonix sold the Guitar Hero franchise to Activision, they really drove it into the ground. If I ever get back into it, I’ll be going with Rock Band.

There is really only two games I’m reeaallly anticipating at the moment though, and that would be Scribblenauts for the DS, and The Last Guardian for ps3.

Scribblenauts looks like your typical 2D side scrolling adventure, only you use the stylus to jot down any concrete noun you can think of on the bottom screen, and that very thing will pop up on the top screen to help your character progress through the level. Jackalope, submarine, Tabasco sauce, even God himself. Such a cool idea for a game.

The Last Guardian is going to be an incredible game because Team Ico makes incredible games. I still can’t believe that I know people who have ps2’s but have never played Shadow of the Colossus. Fools!

I guess I lied, because there is one more game I can’t wait to play, and that would be the sequel to Proffesor Layton. If you like brain teasers, you just can’t go wrong with these games. Not only are they chock full of stylus based puzzles, but they have a great story to unravel, complete with mysterious characters and incredible music. It’s too bad they take so long to localize them because the third ones already out in Japan, but we still haven’t even got the second one! It comes out 10 days after my birthday, so at least it’s not too far away.

If I could only have one pair of shoes, they might just be this pair right here. Heck yeah.

I haven’t been to the movies in some time, but there are a few on the horizon that I am looking forward to. Antichrist looks incredibly creepy in a Rosemary’s Baby sort of way.

Moon looks like it could be an interesting science fiction film, if you’re into that sort of thing, which I am.

Alright, well Cat Shit One isn’t a movie, but a batshit crazy pilot for a TV show based on a Japanese comic. I don’t know how to explain what this about without saying just watch the damn trailer.

Not long ago all there was to see was a brief glimpse of test footage, but now the entire trailer for Where the Wild Things Are is available. It looks excellent.

Here’s a great blog featuring a collection of various artists interpretations of the original illustrations by Maurice Sendak. Really good stuff over there.

Oh hey look an awesome animated short. Not your typical man versus monster tale.

How about The Cat Came Back! Still amazing after all these years.


when worlds collide

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I make no bones about my love for the original Super Mario Kart for SNES. I’m hard pressed to this day, to find any game that can deliver as much pure fun as that cartridge does. I still like to break it out occasionally just to brush up on my techniques, and to make sure that I’m not getting rusty.

I also was, and still am, a huge fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as most children of the eighties were. What is now a worldwide phenomenon, began as a humble comic. At the time Mr. Eastman and Mr. Laird created their turtles, they were art school graduates living in Dover, which is just twenty minutes from my current residence. Nifty!

So being a big fan of both SMK and TMNT, I thought it would be pretty neat to imagine what a racer within the turtle’s setting might have looked like. There is no shortage of Mario Kart ripoffs, so why not merge these two universes into one? There are just so many great settings and characters to include.

I think I would call it Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Kart Racing Extravaganza.

This game not existing is a shame. I have posted my new illustration along with the original reference, lets just call it a parody. I really wanted to include Foot Soldiers and maybe Slash or Baxter Stockman, but I also wanted to stay true to the original image, and the characters I included seemed more important. Click the graphic below for a larger version.