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Now that it’s been awhile since the Ello bag exhibit, I can stick a few of these pictures up, which were taken by Susan. It seemed like the turn out was pretty good, especially considering the weather that day was somewhat crappy. Thanks to everybody who made it out there. You’ll notice the distinct lack of me in any of these pictures, and that both because I didn’t stay very long, and because I had to get to Dos Amigos to get my taco on. I did manage to score some great stickers and pins before I left. Here’s a few of my favorites, plus some pictures of my project.

This one is my favorite. It had a bunch of metal tags attached to the bag, with intricate little illustrations. If you click for a bigger image you should be able to get a better view. How can you not love a bunch of everyday objects with beards? Brilliant!

I like this one because they turned the entire bag into a monster.

It was hard to get a picture of this one without some glare because it was so shiny. You can just tell a lot of effort was put into all the layers.

This one appeared to be dipped in bronze. Nifty.


Here’s a couple images of mine.


You can’t really tell from the pictures, but the purse has an opening which could hold a coin or a small trinket. Not that I think anybody would actually try it, but just a little hidden easter egg for the curious.

2 Responses to “show pics”

  1. Thanks for featuring my bag! I totally cracked up because it’s such a cute & funny design, and exceptionally well constructed. I think we had all the same favorites (and yours was one of mine, ha), but I think all of them were thoroughly awesome.

    My fiance and I just moved up here from MA and we really love the laid-back art scene in Portsmouth. Maybe we’ll see each other around again.

  2. i almost bought your bag… lol i love it

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