Bailey Works & Ello


So I’ve been working feverishly the last few days to put the finishing touches on my bag, and with the helpful help of my sister, it is finally complete. Working with fabric was fun, but I definitely consider myself craft-challenged. That became painfully obvious early on, when it took me two full quarters to finish my plushie football back in home ec. I’m just not sure I have the patience for sewing.

Here’s a link to last years bags.

The opening reception is Friday night so if you’d like to go, let me know and we can meet up for a Portsmouth party. There will definitely be some Gilley’s involved. It’s super easy to get to because it’s right downtown. I saw the majority of the rest of the bags and they are all both one of a kind, and amazing.

2 Responses to “Bailey Works & Ello”

  1. […] My brother, Adam, is one of the artists that will be featured. A sneak peek of Adam’s work is here. Photos of last year’s exhibition are here. Check it out. Grab a bite at the Friendly Toast. […]

  2. Im so excited that ur work is going to be displayed at ello! i want to go and see it! maybe ill make it a point to go and see it!

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