persona4 art

Whoa now, haven’t updated in a bit. Been working on a few things, should have another update fairly soon. I have been watching movies galore and playing lotsa games so I’m going to go ahead and blame that for my reduced output.

Finally got around to playing through Bioshock, which was quite enjoyable. Street Fighter 4 is good, but I wish I had someone to play with. I’d play online but I would rather not go head to head against a legion of fireball spamming Sagats. There is a lot to like about the game, but I can’t help but dwell on the drawbacks keeping it from what it should’ve been. Fighting a low tier character against a top one is an exercise in futility, it seems like the characters could’ve been a bit more balanced out.

I have been playing through Flower which was short, but so good. I think it’s about the only thing that can calm my rage after suffering through the horribly cheap artificial intelligence of Street Fighter 4. After numerous attempts of beating the last boss, I wanted to both throw my controller and kick a hole in my television, which is pretty rare. Flower is the perfect virtual chill pill.

I also acquired Noby Noby Boy which is about the weirdest piece of downloadable software ever. So you are like this worm, er, snakish thing, who inhabits a world filled with people, animals, and structures. You can walk around and eat stuff and stretch your body to insane lengths. Today I ate a bicycle and shat it out so fast I blew up a pyramid. I guess that last part is all you really need to know about the game.

Forgot to post this Persona fanart I made for a contest.


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