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secretive santa

Posted in art, music with tags on 12/31/2008 by g00ba

So now that Xmas is behind us, I can post some of my secret santa projects.

For Naeru, who wanted a battle character portrait…

And Crowleston who is a fan of Flight of the Concords. Hey, me too!

Oh and happy New Year all you internet people.


T shirty Christmas

Posted in art, shirts with tags on 12/30/2008 by g00ba

Being the poor sap that I am, I mostly made t-shirt gifts for my family this year. With the help of my nephew and a whole lotta freezer paper, we churned out quite a few articles of clothing. We just ironed on the freezer paper for stencil and painted on a few layers with brushes. I’d never done it before, but I think they came out okay. Here’s some, but not all of them, cause a few got wrapped before I could snap a pic!

For Ethan and Mike, who are great baseballers…

For Mike the Beatles fan…

For Adrianna, who loves things that are sharp…

For my new roomates who are rad…

For my pops the artist and musician…

And my uncle who is a old-school movie buff…

We also made some aprons and tote bags but alas, no one thought to take pictures of those…

In other news, my submission to Threadless has been accepted and it is going to be up for voting the next 7 days. If you get a moment, head over and give it a score. It wont go to print if you don’t, and also a bunch of fairies will die and stuff.

Mushroom Kingdom Hanukkah

Posted in art, videogame with tags on 12/22/2008 by g00ba

Having always celebrated Christmas for as long as I can remember, I’ve long considered Hanukkah to be a mysterious holiday. In honor of the Jewish holiday which I clearly don’t understand, I present my top eight Super Mario villains of all time. I will be revealing one baddie each night from number eight to number one over the course of the next eight days. I will only be considering SMB1 through SMB3 as fodder, and will not be including any bosses or mini-bosses, only the grunts.

#1 – thwomp


click for bigger

A Thwomp has but one purpose in life. To crush. The first appearance of a Thwomp was in SMB 3, in which they are found inhabiting fortresses or guarding castle levels. Nothing pleases a Thwomp more than a chance to grind a living being to a bloody pulp. It just hangs high overhead waiting for an unsuspecting sucker to wander underneath. Thwomps slam to the ground forcefully with a menacing grunt. Fortunately it is quite easy to trick a Thwomp into crashing down early, allowing safe passage as it climbs back upward.

#2 – kuribo’s shoe


click for bigger

The Kuribo Shoe is yet another example of an enemy that can only be found within a single level. You can find this rare and powerful baddie in the area 5-3 of SMB3. If you can manage to separate the Goomba, or Kuribo as they’re known in Japan, from its giant sized shoe you get the chance to hop in yourself. It’s no easy feat separating the Goomba from the boot, and if you’re not careful, you could end up killing both the enemy and the shoe. If you can manage to get the shoe, you attain the powerup equivalent of the holy grail. Being inside the Kuribo’s Shoe is the closest mortal man could ever be to becoming a god. Piranha Plants and spikes can be hopped upon with no fear or pain, just don’t jump into a bottemless pit.

#3 – chain chomp


click for bigger

Not a monster of flesh and bone, but of iron and steel. The Chain Chomp is a most dangerous adversary, and is usually bolted down to the ground as to restrict it’s mobility. Chain Chomps are beastly savages, and they constantly strain against the chain holding them, hoping to take a bite out of anything that passes by. Once free a Chomp will aggressively pursue its prey. The inspiration for Chain Chomps comes from a childhood experience of the Mario creator, where a dog tried to attack him. The dog lunged out, but was pulled back by its leash just as the canine snapped at Miyamoto inches from his face.

#4 – piranha plant


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Possibly the most well known monster from the SMB universe, the Piranha Plant is also known as the Packun Flower in Japan. The Piranha Plant is typically red faced, adorned with numerous white spots. It inhabits various pipes, only popping it’s head out at the most inopportune moment. Piranha Plants have razor sharp teeth, and the ability to spit fire, poison and ice depending on the sub-species. Some plants have been known to sprout directly out of the ground, while others are completely uprooted, with the ability to walk around on their root like legs. Although the plants began as a regular old grunts, they went on to later in the series to become main bosses and even selectable characters.

#5 – angry sun


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Lurking within the desert world of SMB3, the Angry Sun is an enemy like no other. It only appears in a few stages of SMB3, which makes its existence that much more frighting when you happen to cross paths. It hovers above his victims motionless, only springing into action when its victims least expect it. Easily mistaken for a background element, the Angry Sun has something to prove. While its gender is unknown, its passion for destruction and unyielding commitment to destroy leads me to believe it’s a female.

#6 – boo


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Making their first appearance in the ghost houses of SMB3, the average Boo is both malevolent and mischievous. These ghost like spirits sport the ability to teleport, pass through walls and disappear. Known for their extreme shyness, they turn translucent when directly looked at. Not satisfied with being restricted to haunting old dusty houses, Boo went on to a successful career in baseball, kart racing, and soccer.

#7 – spiny


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Spinies have been a mainstay of the SMB series for quite some time. These spikey bastards are among the more intelligent creatures of the Mushroom Kingdom. Unlike the Koopa, which would gladly march to its own oblivion, Spinies are a species of evolution. Their shell’s sport countless pointy spikes, rendering all stomping and squishing techniques insufficient. While still vulnerable to numerous other attacks, they at least had the intelligence to adapt to their environment.

#8 – blooper


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Making their first appearance in the original Super Mario Brothers, they struck fear into the hearts of all children upon their first playthrough of world 2-2. No mere CheepCheep, Bloopers presented an increased challenge with their unpredictable squid like movement. Bloopers are notable in SMB3 for starting families, and not the loving kind of family either. A Blooper offspring is nothing more than a kamakazi warrior in training. Bloopers are both heartless and relentless, earning them the bottom number eight spot.


Someone asked me for a tutorial over on the PA forums, in case you wanted to see a quick how to, check it out.


And this one was done because I couldn’t bring myself to snub Mario 2.


Yo Ahab

Posted in art with tags on 12/20/2008 by g00ba

More tablet practice. Call me Ishmael.

I like how he came out, but now looking back on it I really could have took more time on the background and smoke.

texture lecture

Posted in art with tags on 12/18/2008 by g00ba

I’ve been practicing digital coloring lately, and also applying texture without making things look to filtery. Often times Photoshop filters produce less than satisfactory results so I scanned a bunch of random things at my house to hopefully get less cheesy results. (wax, metal, toilet paper, fabric, wood) Often times people new to PS take images and run them into the ground with effects and filters. This is bad, and you are bad if you do this. Use Photoshop as a tool not a crutch, even though it has a great range of features, sometimes a more subdued approach is best.

santa’s last stand

Posted in art with tags on 12/18/2008 by g00ba


Because Santa has better things to do than delivering stupid presents and eating your crappy cookies.

View full size version here if so inclined.