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word to your mummy

Posted in art with tags on 10/23/2008 by g00ba

A little horror themed project. Not sure if I’m going to tinker with this one anymore. Inked with my tablet in Photoshop. I scanned some toilet paper to get some texture for the fabric.

No big version this time.


Super Hobo

Posted in comic with tags on 10/06/2008 by g00ba

Hey look another contest. Click here for a larger version of mine, as well as all the other entries. There is some really snazzy stuff in there. Doing these contests periodically is great because it gives me some themes and a deadline, as I can get kinda lost sometimes without any direction.

Behold the Recycler!

The battle reaches its climax…

Cycle 2 of epic round 13 has begun. All previous skirmishes have all lead up to this, and the end of Arcadia as we know it is upon us. This probably warranted it’s own stand alone post, but alas…

I’ve joined an epic superteam of sorts, and we’re all working together to make pages that feel like one single entity.


The above is pencilled by jho, inked by me and colored by airlight, and can clicked for a bigger version. I’m gonna hafta hunt down a higher quality version of this.

It’s really weird to collaborate with artists you have never met, and likely never will meet, but oddly satisfying as well. For example, Notjho sent me his excellent pencil work and I did all the inking and sent it on to the next guy to color it. As the battle continued I contributed some of my own pages as well. It’s just great that the final battle for Arcadia is a completely overblown 4 on 5 battle of artists, and yet somehow the pages gel together and form a cohesive tale of 9 combatants clawing tooth and nail for survival. It’s a great read, and you’d check it out if ya knew what was good for ya.

The end is finally in sight, long live the Empire.