go gogol

The Gogol Bordello show at Hampton was insane. I didn’t realize that by standing in front of the stage I might get my teeth knocked out by a group of female punksters, but a good rowdy time was had by all. If you don’t know anything about this wonderful band, I recommend reading up on them here. The Hampton Beachcomber called the show the best at the Casino Ballroom this year. I got Sergey Ryabtsev’s autograph, who is likely the most rad violinist on the planet.

Watch these videos if you know whats good for ya.

Video – not a crime
Video – start wearing purple
Video – american wedding
Video – acoustic super theory

More tablet practice…


And a fanart of the abominable Ahote.

One Response to “go gogol”

  1. I just found this entry while Googling random Gogol Bordello things, and I just had to leave a comment to say how much I like your artwork! It stands out and is much different (better) than what I typically come across. =]

    P.S. Sounds like you had a good time at the show? I’ve seen them twice and they’re simply amazing.

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