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Red Dragon

Posted in art with tags on 07/29/2008 by g00ba

Haven’t posted anything in a while now, The summer has been flying by, but I have at least been doing a lot of stuff. Today I had a big day of kayaking. I went from my house to Wadley falls. Using my thumb and google maps I figure it was about ten miles, but I don’t know.

Been practicing with the tablet some more, I think I’m making progress! Click for bigness.



Lets go to the beach

Posted in comic with tags on 07/01/2008 by g00ba

The Ahote vs. Adam fight continues on. I posted my first entry a while back, Ahote responded, and then it came back to me. He’ll get the last entry but I think I represented myself fairly well. I won’t post it all here since you can all just look at it over there, as it was meant to be.

Click here for Ahote’s first rebuttal, and my second entry. It’s at the bottom of the page. This round was a lot of fun, and it also allowed me to get more comfortable with my tablet.