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battle roo-yal

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Comics are fun to make, hopefully you find them fun to read. Click for larger image…


nepalm in the morning

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If you are unaware, there is a rad little site known as War for Arcadia. Within the site are around 50 artists who submit their character, join a side, and wage war in the name of glory. Sequential art is the name of the game, so if you like epic battles in the form of comics, than I highly recommend poking around. Register for the forums, and comment on match ups, or better yet, submit your own character for battle!

Lines by me and fantastical colors by Lly from over at the Penny Arcade.


Main Page

Here’s the link straight to my fight with NotFence, who is quite a formidable opponent. I just submitted my first entry and now my opponent has a week to produce an entry. This battle has just started but it should get quite interesting as the round progresses. Check it out and be entertained.

Adam vs Ahote


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Some video games tend to last longer than others. Some games games contain replayability that guarantees a lifetime of joy. Games like Battletoads, Megaman 2, Sunset Riders, and Super Mario Kart are just as fun today as when they were released decades ago.

I would have thought that a game like Super Smash Brothers Brawl would have considerable lasting power. Unfortunately, I found myself moving on to other games, and I haven’t looked back since. Being primarily a multiplayer title, I chalk it up to having noone to play it with as a big part of that. Overall I was content with the character roster, but I could definitely think of a few things that would’ve livened things up a bit. Click thumbnail for full size.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the history of Atari, this is going to make zero sense. It contains obscure and strange subject matter so feel free to read up on the subject here.

Nonstop Tabletathon

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Well lookie here, it’s the first poast, and Firefox is already telling me I have 2 spelling errors! Have no fear because this isn’t a text blog, its an art blog. I’ll be posting the majority of my projects here for the viewing, so feel free to bookmark and check back from time to time. I tend to draw quite frequently unless I get sidetracked by video games, movies and music. Alright so lets get to the art.

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day that I could produce things digitally, and thankfully that day is now here. Goodbye paper and hello pressure sensitivity. It’s weird because drawing traditionally always included pressure sensitivity, but I digress. Now that I have been using it for a few days, I thought I’d post a few work in progress shots for my current project. I’m a tablet noob so I’m really just trying to get familiar with this new piece of hardware.